Women's Ministry


Our Purpose

The purpose of the FBC Women's Ministry is to allow women to use their spiritual gifts to glorify God and, in turn, serve and enrich others.


“The too-idle and the too-busy need to take time for meditation and quiet repose in prayer to God.  They need time to cultivate their souls so that in turn they may cultivate others’ lives.”  ~ Billy Graham

Women's Ministry



Team Descriptions:

PR Team

Prepares media for all FBC Women's Ministry Teams (posters, bulletin, website, Facebook, radio, newspaper, First Family Connection, etc.).  Creates a new member packet.  Makes announcements in church to inform women of upcoming opportunities. Leaders report to Directing Team.

Bible Study Team

Plans Bible Studies; Coordinates with FBC calendar; Enlists teachers/facilitators; Decides study of Book; Promotes day groups/night groups; Promotes age appropriate studies for a variety of groups.  Leaders report to Directing Team.

New Member Team

Contacts and meets with new members; Gives new members a packet representing FBC Women's Ministry; Invites new members to "Umbrella" fellowships; Follows up with new members to help them get plugged in.  Leaders report to Directing Team.

Fellowship Team

Plans quarterly "Umbrella" fellowships; Decorates, coordinates food, games, activities, etc.; Coordinates with FBC Calendar; Promotes fellowships (Can use PR Team). Leaders report to Directing Team.

WMU Team

Aware of all activities of WMU; Supports and prays for mission opportunities locally, in other states, and in other countries; Corresponds with missionaries; Plans and promotes local mission opportunities for all FBC Women; Promotes various mission offerings of FBC; Promotes WMU Conferences. Leaders report to Directing Team.

Conference Team

Plans all conferences for the year; Prepares for and enlists speakers, lodging (if needed), participants, vendors, etc.  Prepares and reports to Directing Team.

Prayer Team

Receives prayer requests; Circulates prayer requests to all ministry teams; Communicates to all people as appropriate; Sets up prayer groups (i.e. day group or night group); Available for private prayer when needed.  Leaders report to Directing Team.

Classes Team

Plans and schedules classes women may like (i.e. knit, crochet, paint, crafts, cake decorating, sewing, etc.)  Leaders report to Directing Team.


How To Sign Up for Women's Ministry Messages

If you would like to get reminders of upcoming events in regards to the Women's Ministry, please do one of the following: 

  1. To receive messages via text, please text @ac4a48 to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at any time by replying, ‘unscubscribe @ac4a48’.


    ** Text '@ac4a48' to (731) 326-1750.


    2. To receive messages via email, send an email to ac4a48@mail.remind101.com.  (You can leave the subject line blank.)  To unsubscribe, reply with unsubscribe’ in the subject line.